The Nanomedicine Lab research portfolio includes:

Preclinical development of nanomedicine constructs based on novel nanomaterials of synthetic and biological nature:

  • development of novel viral and non-viral gene therapy vectors
  • engineering and pharmacological development of carbon nanomaterials (fullerenes, nanotubes, graphene)
  • delivery & genetic manipulation of embryonic, progenitor, and induced pluripotent stem cells
  • advanced delivery systems for radio- and chemo-therapeutic agents against cancer
  • descriptive and predictive modeling of delivery systems’ pharmacological performance
  • pharmacological and toxicological profile of novel nanomedicines

We are engineering delivery systems for drugs, cells, proteins, radionuclides and genes towards therapeutic and diagnostic clinical applications.

Great emphasis is placed at the interface between in vitro and in vivo studies and how rationally designed and engineered delivery systems can be translated into clinically effective therapeutics and diagnostics.

The Nanomedicine Laboratory is part of the National Graphene Institute and the Centre for Tissue Injury and Repair at The University of Manchester.