PhD students

Ms. Zahraa Al-Ahmady, MPhil/PhD student

Zahraa obtained her BSc Degree in Pharmacy Sciences (highest year achiever) at the College of Pharmacy, University of Baghdad in 2004. After training as a clinical pharmacist, she won a scholarship for the MSc in Drug Delivery at the University of London. Her research project concerned the development of novel amphiphilic cross-linked nanoparticles. Zahraa is currently doing her PhD in the Nanomedicine Laboratory and her research involves the design, characterization and biological performance of temperature-sensitive vesicles for cancer therapy.

Ms. Katie Bates, MPhil/PhD student
Katie obtained her BSc (Hons) Degree (first class) in Biomedical Science, Neuropharmacology at King’s College London, University of London in 2009. She joined the Nanomedicine Laboratory in October 2010 as a PhD student with her research project focusing on the biological use of carbon nanotubes as novel gene delivery vectors in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

Ms. Irene de Lazaro del Rey, PhD student
Irene obtained her BSc Degree in Pharmacy (distinction) at the University of Alcalá, Madrid in 2009. During her studies she collaborated in different research projects in the Microbiology, Physiopathology and Pharmaceutical Technology Departments through research scholarships by the Comunidad de Madrid. She gained a summer scholarship in 2008 at the Institute of Medicinal Chemistry, Spanish National Research Council (IQM-CSIC) where she conducted the project “Synthesis of multifunctional molecules with cholinergic properties intended to be used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease”, under the supervision of Dr. Rodríguez Franco. After graduating, Irene worked as an intern pharmacist for the Departments of Oncology and Pharmacy at the Guadalajara University Hospital, Spain. She joined the Nanomedicine Laboratory as an MSc Drug Delivery student, to conduct a project on the use of three-dimensional tumour models to evaluate the performance of carbon nanotubes. She obtained her Masters on September 2011and on October 2011 she started her PhD project on genetic modification of STEM cells.