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Dr. Paul Sharp, Research Associate

Paul is a research scientist with wide-ranging experience with preclinical disease models, therapeutic testing and biomarker discover across a number of research areas. He trained at University College London, obtaining an MSc and PhD in Neuroscience, studying the selective vulnerability of motor neurons in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) under the direction of Prof L Greensmith. Following a postdoctoral fellowship in Canada (Univ. of Alberta, Prof T Gordon), he continued his training in the laboratories of Prof J de Belleroche and Prof D Wells at Imperial College, where he established an in vivo laboratory to test novel therapeutic strategies for ALS and muscular dystrophies.

His in vivo research profile was widened by joining a cross-disciplinary EPSRC project led by Prof G Battaglia (Univ. of Sheffield) to develop a polymer-based nanovector system to improve delivery of drugs to the CNS. This project incorporated a neuroimaging component (MRI/optical imaging), which he developed in Dr J Berwick’s laboratory and this led to further investigations into the evolution of neurovascular dysfunction in a model of Alzheimer’s disease and the impact of atherosclerosis on cerebral blood flow.

Paul joined the Nanomedicine lab in 2018, to facilitate preclinical investigations within the 2D-Health programme grant (EPSRC).