Articles | 2014

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 2014, 24: 1638-1649

Graphene for multi-functional synthetic biology: the last ‘zeitgeist’ in nanomedicine

Ania Servant, Alberto Bianco*, Maurizio Prato*, Kostas Kostarelos*

The high versatility of graphene has attracted significant attention in many areas of scientific research from electronics to physics and mechanics. One of the most intriguing utilisation of graphene remains however in nanomedicine and synthetic biology. In particular,the last decade has witnessed an exponential growth in the generation of novel candidate therapeutics of multiple biological activities based on graphene constructs with small molecules, such as anti-cancer drugs. In this Digest, we summarise the different synthetic strategies and routes available to fabricate these promising graphene conjugates and the opportunities for the design of multi-functional tools for synthetic biology that they offer.