Articles | 2009

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Engineering cationic liposome: siRNA complexes for in vitro and in vivo delivery

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Promises, facts and challenges for carbon nanotubes in imaging and therapeutics

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Electron inelastic mean free paths for carbon nanotubes from optical data

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Synthesis and characterization of a carbon nanotube-dendron series for efficient siRNA delivery

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Blood circulation and tissue biodistribution of lipid-quantum dot (L-QD) hybrid vesicles intravenously administered in mice

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Antitumor activity and prolonged survival by carbon nanotube-mediated therapeutic siRNA silencing in a human lung xenograft model

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Designer adenoviruses for nanomedicine and nanodiagnostics

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Tumor targeting of functionalized quantum dot-liposome hybrids by intravenous administration

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Synthesis and analysis of novel glycerolipids for the treatment of metabolic syndrome

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Nanomedicine: transcending from embryonic to adolescent