Articles | 2000 - 2003

Journal of Nuclear Medicine 2001, 42(3): 499-504

An analytic dosimetry study for the use of radionuclide liposome conjugates in internal radiotherapy

D. Emfietzoglou, K. Kostarelos, G. Sgouros*

A dosimetric analysis has been performed to evaluate the potential of liposome systems as carriers of radionuclides in internal radiotherapy. Methods: Pharmacokinetic data for a variety of liposome constructs (multilamellar vesicles [MLV]; small unilamellar vesicles [SUV]; and sterically stabilized liposomes, monosialoganglioside [GM1]-coated) were used to obtain tumor and normal-organ absorbed dose estimates for 67Cu, 188Re, 90Y, and 131I.

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