Professor Kostarelos is the Senior & Founding Editor of the journal Nanomedicine (Future Medicine, London).

The first medicine-oriented journal in the field, addressing the important advances and challenges towards the clinical use of nanoscale-structured materials and devices.

Nanomedicine Impact Factor is 5.824 (ISI 2013, Thompson Reuters).




Professor Kostarelos also sits on the Editorial Board of:

2D Materials              (IoP Science, UK)

Applied Materials Today (Elsevier, USA)

Applied Materials Today (Elsevier, USA)


The Journal of Visualized Experiments (Boston, USA)










The Journal of Liposome Research (Informa Healthcare, New York)

The International Journal of Nanomedicine (Dove Medical Press, New Zealand)

Archives of Toxicology (Springer, USA)







Nanoscale Horizons (RSC, UK)

Nanoscale Horizons (RSC, UK)


      Frontiers in Neuroengineering (Frontiers, Switzerland)