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Dr. Zahraa Al-Ahmady, Research Fellow in Advanced Drug Delivery


Zahraa obtained her BSc Degree in Pharmacy with a distinction from the College of Pharmacy, University of Baghdad in 2004. After training as a clinical pharmacist, she won a scholarship to study the Masters in Drug Delivery at the UCL School of Pharmacy, where she won the AstraZeneca Prize for the best overall performance. Zahraa completed her PhD studies with the Nanomedicine Lab at the UCL School of Pharmacy on the design, characterization and biological performance of temperature-sensitive vesicles for cancer therapy in 2012. She then joined the NANOSOLUTIONS (FP7-NMP) European project as a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Manchester. Her work was mainly focused on the structure – biological function relationship that determines the safety of engineered nanomaterials. Zahraa is currently Research Fellow with the North West Centre of Advanced Drug Delivery (NoWCADD), a collaboration between the Manchester Pharmacy School, the Nanomedicine Lab, School of Medicine and AstraZeneca on the development of innovative therapeutic and in vivo imaging approaches against cancer and brain ischemia (stroke).