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Dr. Irene de Lazaro, Research Fellow in Regenerative Therapeutics


Irene obtained her Master’s degree in Pharmacy (with Distinction) at the University of Alcalá (Madrid, Spain) in 2009. After graduation, she gained a fellowship from Obra Social LaCaixa to complete a MSc in Drug Delivery. She joined the Nanomedicine Lab, then based at the UCL School of Pharmacy, to investigate the internalisation of antibody-conjugated carbon nanotubes in three-dimensional tumour models. She continued her studies in UCL as a PhD student in Regenerative Medicine. In her thesis, she explored concept of in vivo cellular reprogramming at the fundamental  for tissue repair and regeneration. She followed the Nanomedicine Lab to the University of Manchester as a Research Associate in Regenerative Therapeutics focusing on the use of in vivo reprogramming to enhance rehabilitation of injured tissue.