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Dr. Maurizio Buggio, Cell Biology Scientist

Maurizio obtained his first degree (with distinction) in Biomolecular and Cellular Sciences from the University of Ferrara in Italy. He pursued his PhD in Surgical Sciences and Technological Applications at the Department of Hepatobiliary Surgery and Abdominal Transplants, University of Padova, supervised by Professor Umberto Cillo. During these studies he spent 15 months in the Center of Applied Medical Research (CIMA) of  Navarra University (Spain) supervised by Professor Jesus Prieto. Maurizio focused his doctoral studies on the development and characterization of long term expression of adenoviral vectors. Following his PhD, Maurizio worked as postdoctoral researcher with Dr David Curiel at Washington University in St. Louis, USA where he focused his studies on adenoviral capsid modifications for targeted gene therapy. Maurizio joined the Nanomedicine Lab in November 2014 as a Marie Curie Research Fellow under the NANORESISTANCE project. He is currently working on various gene transfer projects using a variety of viral and non-viral vector technologies.