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Dr. Jennifer Dorney, Research Associate

Jennifer graduated with a BSc in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science from Dublin Institute of Technology in 2007.  As an undergraduate, Jennifer was involved with various projects including fingerprint examination with the Forensic Headquarters in Dublin.  She then completed her PhD at the Focas Research at Dublin Institute of Technology, where her thesis involved the examination of nanoparticles internalised within live cells using Raman spectroscopy and microscopy. After her PhD, Jennifer joined the Biospectroscopy Lab at the University of Exeter as an Associate Research Fellow. There she was involved in a multi-partner project, which included the development and multi-system validation of purposefully built Raman spectrometers for biomedical applications. Jennifer joined the Nanomedicine lab in October 2016 as part of the European funded Graphene Flagship project. Her work involves the synthesis and characterisation of graphene oxide and related materials.