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Dr. Jane Mabey Gilsenan, Nanomedicine Project Manager


Jane has a research background in bioinformatics, specialising in fungal genome annotation and data management. She gained her PhD in Bioinformatics from the University of Manchester in 2001. Working with Prof David Denning and Dr Paul Bowyer at the University Hospital of South Manchester for 12 years, she was involved in several projects that aimed to better understand pathogenic fungi. Her main contribution during this period was establishing and maintaining an on-line resource for Aspergillus genomes. From 2013 to 2016, Jane worked within the Manchester Fungal Infection Group with the dual role of Project Manager and Research Associate. In this role, she managed and contributed to research on the EC FP7 ‘Novel antifungals to treat resistant organisms’ (NOFUN) project coordinated by Dr Michael Bromley. During this period, she also obtained a Diploma in Management and Leadership.

Jane joined the Nanomedicine Lab in September 2016 as project manager, with part of her time covering management of the EPSRC 2D-Health project (0.4 FTE).