People | Mr. Daniel Lewis

Mr. Daniel Lewis, Junior Neurosurgical Registrar & PhD Student

Daniel obtained a BSc in Pathology and Immunology from the University of Cambridge before completing his undergraduate medical training at Bart’s and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, graduating in 2012 with a distinction in both clinical science and clinical practice. After working in London for two years as a foundation doctor, Daniel pursued his long-term career ambition and took up a post in neurosurgery in Manchester. Daniel joined the Nanomedicine Lab in February 2016, taking time away from full-time clinical practice to embark on a PhD with the University of Manchester. His research project will be in collaboration with the neurosurgical unit at Salford Royal Hospital and will involve development of novel nanoscale constructs as therapeutic modalities for the neurosurgical treatment of human meningioma models.