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Alfredo delivers Keynote during Surface Science Symposium in France

Dr Alfredo Gravagnuolo, postdoctoral researcher in the 2D-Health project presented his work regarding the properties of graphene oxide and other high-surface two-dimensional nanomaterials at the 3rd European Symposium on Surface Science, Nice, France on 17th Oct. 2018.


Two new PDRAs are joining our lab today

A warm welcome to Dr Eszter Kormann and Dr Thomas Loret


Paul and Dhifaf lead a tour of facilities for their 2D-Health colleagues

As part of the 2D health programme, Paul and Dhifaf led their colleagues on a tour of our preclinical and imaging research facilities to show their colleague engineers and chemists how animal research is conducted.



Nanomedicine Lab members participate at You Have Been Upgraded!

Seven members of the Nanomedicine Lab showcased the work of the group at the You Have Been Upgraded! event as part of the Manchester Science Festival. Surrounded by artists, tattooists, a live DJ and a packed museum, it was an interesting experience to discuss the research to a new audience.




Rafaela presents her work at workshop in San Sebastian, Spain

Rafaela gave an oral presentation in the Self assembly and Hierarchical Materials in biomedicine: Drug Delivery, Tissue Engineering, Sensing and Safety Issues Workshop organised by CIC biomaGUNE with parts of her PhD work in Oct. 2018.


Sinead represents the Nanomedicine Lab in a post-show

Sinead represents our lab in a postshow discussion about human enhancement and how science is progressing.


Congratulations Livia – Winner at DPO Showcase

We would like to extend a HUGE congratulations to Livia for winning the poster presentation at the DPOshowcase!

Here she is with her 2BScientific voucher, poster and wonderful little bee antennas!

Congratulations Livia, very well deserved


We had a fantastic night at Future Bodies

We had a fantastic night last night at Future Bodies, and really enjoyed the opportunity to chat to other people at the show about our research!



Sinead, Rafi, Kelly, Paul and Alfredo take part in Science Uncovered

Some of our researchers who took part in Science Uncovered last week.
Amazing night, we got to speak to so many people interested in the research we do here in Manchester


Mauri is interviewed by the local media in his home country

Our project manager Maurizio Buggio was recently interviewed in his home country of Italy about his work here at the University of Manchester. Mauri discusses a shortage of job opportunities in his hometown, and the opportunities he has had here