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Brave new world? Graphene-based matrices in biomedical scaffolding

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Sinead and Dhifaf are featured as Women in Science taking about Animal Research

On 11 February, the United Nations, partners worldwide, women and girls will mark the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Dhifaf specialises in the latest imaging techniques to show the location of potential medicines in the animal body; Sinead models Parkinson’s disease in rats, see more details here.


Marilena, Kostas and Jeroen (Nanomedicine Lab Alumnus) are finalists of the ‘Accelerating your Healthcare Start Up’

In this intensive bootcamp, two-week programme organised by Vlerick and Imperial College Business Schools, seven teams explored business model design methodologies, presentation and pitching skills in Belgium.

Cyrill speaks at the Breakthroughs in Healthcare Technologies Conference in London

Dr Bussy presented parts of the Nanomedicine Lab research on graphene for healthcare applications at the Breakthroughs in Healthcare Technologies Conference, Nov 8th 2018, organised by students of The London Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programme.

Nanomedicine Lab is hosting ACS on campus in this October

Alfredo delivers Keynote during Surface Science Symposium in France


Dr Alfredo Gravagnuolo, postdoctoral researcher in the 2D-Health project presented his work regarding the properties of graphene oxide and other high-surface two-dimensional nanomaterials at the 3rd European Symposium on Surface Science, Nice, France on 17th Oct. 2018.

Two new PDRAs joining the lab today

A warm welcome to Dr Eszter H. and Dr Thomas L


Paul and Dhifaf lead a tour of facilities for their 2D-Health colleagues

As part of the 2D health programme, Paul and Dhifaf led their colleagues on a tour of our preclinical and imaging research facilities to show their colleague engineers and chemists how animal research is conducted.

Nanomedicine Lab members participate at You Have Been Upgraded!


Seven members of the Nanomedicine Lab showcased the work of the group at the You Have Been Upgraded! event as part of the Manchester Science Festival. Surrounded by artists, tattooists, a live DJ and a packed museum, it was an interesting experience to discuss the research to a new audience.