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Bloomberg visits Nanomedicine Lab and publishes article on Graphene’s Fantastic Voyage


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Bloomberg visited the University of Manchester and the Nanomedicine Lab for an article on the work carried out as part of the European Commission’s Graphene Flagship project. The article by Bloomberg News reporter Oliver Staley, titled ‘EU Bets a Billion on Fantastic Voyage Exploiting Graphene’ highlighted activities in the Nanomedicine Lab to determine the safety of graphene towards our ultimate goal of using graphene to build nanoscale delivery systems.


Physics World article on ‘Nanotube-loaded cells target tumours’

Physics World June 2014

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A recent article in Physics World on a recent study reporting use of carbon nanotubes to achieve cell targeting in tumour models included a commentary from the Nanomedicine Lab.


Inside Science article on Plant-Derived Nanotubes for DNA Delivery

This Inside Science article includes commentary from the Nanomedicine Lab.


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Kathimerini ‘Kappa’ interview – one of the most popular Sunday newspaper magazines in Greece


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Interview with Prof. Kostarelos.


Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Interview asks 3 Questions – watch the video!


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The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona published online on their Science Journal a video interview with Prof. Kostarelos on 3 questions: 1) What will graphene be used for in medicine; 2) What risks can this technology pose; 3) How can videogames help scientific communication?


The Guardian publishes article ‘What on earth is this nanotech thing and how exactly can it help me?


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The Nanomedicine Lab work was featured in the ‘Building a nanorobot’ discussion.


Our Journal of Visualised Experiments (JoVE) article attracts attention in the blogosphere

Our latest article “In vivo Reprogramming of Adult Somatic Cells to Pluripotency by Overexpression of Yamanaka Factors” published in the Journal of Visualised Experiments (JoVE) has been featured in several blogs, news websites and social media including the following:


livescienceEurekAlert!| Newswise | | Sciences Newsline RedOrbit  | ABC SaludAZonanoNigerian GuardianScience DailySpace Daily | Bio-Medicine51agtc | Catalyst ScienceNews | Earth 2 Hub


Opinion on carbon nanotube tumor targeting study in NanoToday


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The international reviews journal NanoToday featured an editorial opinion article titled “Carbon nanotubes target tumors in two steps” written by the News and Opinions editor Cordelia Sealy which included a comment from Prof.Kostarelos.


Science Uncovered article ‘The nano elixir of life’


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A new popular science magazine, titled “Science Uncovered” was introduced this month aiming to explain how the world around us works. The December 2013 Issue of the new magazine featured an article by Katherine Sanderson titled: “The nano elixir of life” which included comments from the interview with Prof.Kostarelos.


Futurium interview

Talking Futures

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Prof. Kostarelos was recently interviewed on the Future of  Nanomedicine as part of the Talking Futures series of interviews with thought leaders of various backgrounds on the Life in 2050. The interviews are part of the Futurium project, the online platform used by the Digital Futures project to facilitate a broad reflection on future European policies.