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The BBC World Service interviewed Professor Kostarelos



The BBC World Service visits the Nanomedicine Lab for an interview about the implications of Brexit. Their one the key questions was: Are UK-based scientists already suffering from the country’s imminent departure from the European Union?


Listen to the interview here (the report starts at 12:17 mins)



BBC Radio Manchester interviews Dr Bussy ahead of the Royal visit



Ahead of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s visit to the University, BBC Radio Manchester interviewed Dr Cyrill Bussy. The royal couple were scheduled to visit the National Graphene Institute to learn more about graphene and its uses. As a nanosafety specialist, Cyrill first discussed what “nanosafety” encompasses and why this is important for the sustainable development of nanotechnologies. He then moved on to explain what the Duke and Duchess will be presented with and what graphene is currently used for, including the BAC mono car that made the headlines of most media coverage.


Graphene oxide article highlighted in Materials Today


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Dhifaf Jasim’s article on ‘Graphene oxide slips through the body’ was highlighted in a News article in Materials Today.


Mass media cover President Xi Jinping visit of the National Graphene Institute

grapheneThe Nanomedicine Lab was one of the few teams selected to describe to President of China Xi Jinping highlights of the work on the biomedical applications. During the visit Professor Kostarelos described to the President efforts in developing technologies for anticancer drug delivery and tissue engineering using graphene materials. Along with Professor Bartolo the President of China Mr Xi Jinping was presented with a miniature figurine of himself and his wife created by a 3D digital printer that made headlines.

Watch videos from: ITV News (in english) and CCTV News (in mandarin)



BBC Radio interviews Dr Servant on biopharmaceutical research using graphene

Listen here

Ania at the National Graphene Institute. Listen to her interview here

BBCworld Graphene

Dr Ania Servant was interviewed by the BBC Radio World Service on the potential of graphene as a drug delivery platform. Having worked as an EPSRC Knowledge Exchange Fellow with the National Graphene Institute, Ania was selected to explain more to the BBC ‘Global Business’ programme. Peter Day of the BBC visited the University of Manchester and discussed with Ania about the potential for graphene to change the world of pharmaceuticals.


Our article on Graphene Safety used to guide the European Commission Science for Environment Policy

Read the article here

The Science for Environment Policy is a free news and information service published by the Directorate-General Environment at the European Commission, provides quality environmental research for  evidence-based policy. Our article published in 2013, titled: ‘Safety considerations for graphene: lessons learnt from carbon nanotubes’ is featured as a guide to help inform   You can read the paper here.


Antibody-targeted, temperature-sensitive liposomes against cancer attracts Cancer Centre press release



Zahraa’s article on ‘Monoclonal antibody-targeted, temperature-sensitive liposomes: In vivo tumor chemotherapeutics in combination with mild hyperthermia’ attracted the attention of the Manchester Cancer Research Centre that issued a press release to announce its findings. You can read the paper here.


Some of the links to the press release:


‘Honey, I shrunk the doctor!’ is cover article on the science section of widest circulation Sunday newspaper in Greece


Read the article (in Greek)

The cover article for the Science section of the widest circulation Sunday newspaper in Greece To Vima is titled: ‘Honey I shrunk the doctor!’ based our an extensive interview with Prof.Kostarelos on the development of nanomedicine as a field and its inter-relationship with Hollywood and science fiction.


Graphene for medicine article in the Spanish medical profession free newspaper Diario Medico

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The freely distributed newspaper for clinicians and other health professionals printed in Madrid features the Nanomedicine Lab extensively in their article titled: ‘Graphene: a very versatile material in the service of health’


Graphene efforts of the Nanomedicine Lab in Kathimerini article


Read the article (in Greek)

Science & Technology section of wide-circulation daily newspaper Kathimerini features our efforts in the Nanomedicine Lab to use graphene material for the treatment of disease in an article titled: ‘High-precision attack against cancer’.