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If you are interested to Join our research team, the following positions are currently available at the Nanomedicine Lab:

Researcher Positions

No positions for researchers are available at the moment.


PhD Studentships

Studentship: ‘Therapeutic RNAi for selective knock-down of genes in brain cancer using nanomaterials’

The Nanomedicine Lab invites applications for a 3-year fully-funded PhD due to commence October 2014 in partnership with AstraZeneca. The studentship covers UK/EU tuition fees, research expenses and annual tax-free stipend starting at £13, 863. The studentship is open to UK/EU nationals only, due to the nature of the funding.

Deadline for applications: Wednesday 30 April 2014.   Further information.

Louis Wong Hak Wood Presidential Doctoral Scholarship ‘The use of graphene to support medical devices and health interventions’

The Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences invites applications for a prestigious 4-year fully-funded President’s Doctoral Scholar award. The scholarship supports a PhD in graphene research with application to medical devices and health interventions.  The ‘Louis Wong Hak Wood Presidential Doctoral Scholarship’ is in recognition of the University’s outstanding reputation in graphene and medical based research.

Applications are invited up to and including 28 April 2014.  Further information.

Centre for Doctoral Training in Graphene Science & Technology (GrapheneNOWNANO)

Graphene NOWNANO is a newly established Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) based on our NOWNANO programme. It builds on the world-leading expertise in the science and technology of graphene and other two-dimensional (2D) materials at Manchester and Lancaster to offer a broad interdisciplinary CDT. PhD students will receive initial state-of-the-art training in the fundamentals of graphene/2D materials, their applications and key techniques. This is followed by a 3½ year research project in 30+ top-rated research groups across 10 disciplines/university departments (Experimental and Theoretical Physics, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Materials Science, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Pharmacy, Biomaterials, Medicine, Environment). For more information please visit the Graphene NOWNANO website.  

Centre for Doctoral Training in Regenerative Medicine

The University of Manchester has been awarded an EPSRC/MRC Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) for PhD studentships starting in September 2014. This will offer multidisciplinary training with internationally-leading expertise in bioengineering, stem cells, extracellular matrix, inflammation biology and clinical translation.  The CDT in Regenerative Medicine involves more than 50 leading research groups across the Faculties of Life Sciences, Engineering and Physical Sciences, and Medical and Human Sciences. For more information please see the attached Flyer and visit the CDT in Regenerative Medicine website.  


MRes programme

Tissue Engineering for Regenerative Medicine (MRes)

The MRes on Tissue Engineering for Regenerative Medicine offered by the Institute of Inflammation and Repair in the Faculty of Medical & Human Sciences is a collaborative degree programme that brings together expertise from the School of Medicine, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Life Sciences and School of Material Sciences. It aims at giving the opportunity to young researchers gain experience working on an 1 year research project. The Nanomedicine lab accepts 2 MRes students each academic year. For more details on the programme and application process please visit the MRes website.