Articles | 2005

Cancer Biotherapy and Radiopharmaceuticals, 2005, 20(2):224-30

Intracellular absorbed dose distribution in radioimmunotherapy: An example for B-cell lymphoma with leukemic spread

C. Hindorf, D. Emfietzoglou, O. Lindén, K. Kostarelos, S-E. Strand

Patients with B-cell lymphoma may have disease manifestations ranging in size from more than a 1000 cm3 down to the volume of a single cell. If targeted radionuclide therapy is to become a curative treatment, all individual tumor cells must also be eliminated. Given the vast differences in particle energy of different electron- emitting radionuclides, one questions whether the mean absorbed dose is a relevant parameter for use in single-cell dosimetry and whether it would not be more accurate to adopt a stochastic approach to dosimetry.

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