Lab news | 2017


Sinead wins best Post Doctoral presentation at NECTAR 2017

Sinead presented carbon nanomaterials as potential gene therapy delivery vectors at the NECTAR 2017 conference in Dublin from 6-8th Dec. The conference discussed recent research in neurodegenerative diseases, in particular Parkinson’s disease, the focus of Sinead’s research. She presented data on the benefits of carbon nanotubes and graphene oxide sheets to an audience of researchers, clinicians, and lay public with neurodegenerative diseases, and was joint first for best presentation for postdoctoral researchers. Congratulations Sinead!


Marilena and Yein graduate from the University of Manchester!

Congratulations to our two Drs for graduating from the University of Manchester!


Nanomedicine Lab team presents in the Graphene Flagship booth @ MEDICA

MEDICA 2017 is largest medical trade fair in the world. Leading the WorkPackage on “Biomedical Technologies” of the European Project “Graphene Flagship”, our team of Hannah, Annie, Kostas and Mauri presented at the booth of the consortium where they helped showcase four demonstrations of innovative biomedical technologies.

During MEDICA we co-organised also the Graphene Connect focused on Biomedical Technologies. The Workshop brought together experts mainly from industry with a series of talks about the different opportunities for graphene in biosensors, implants and bioelectronics, health and neural interfaces.










Marilena talks and chairs session at Nano Bio & Med conference

Marilena was one of the selected speakers invited to chair a session and to give a talk during the Nano Bio & Med conference that took place from the 22nd  till 24th of November, in Barcelona.


Filipe is mentioned in an article from SafeNano about Inhaled Particles XII, Glasgow

The conference’s Scientific Committee Chair, Prof. Stone acknowledged that it was “great to see so many new and old personalities interacting and taking the field forward”, highlighting the importance of encouraging young researchers in the field, Graphene NOWNANO CDT student Artur Filipe Rodrigues received accolades. Read more



Marilena is invited to give talk at 3rd Advances in Circulating Tumor Cells meeting

Marilena was one of the selected speakers invited to give a talk on her work during the 3rd Advances in Circulating Tumour Cells (ACTC): Liquid Biopsy in Clinical Practice Conference, that took place from the 4th till 7th October, in Rhodes, Greece.


Irene participates in Ambassadors for Science

Irene has been selected to take part in the 2nd edition of “Ambassadors for Science”, an initiative from the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) to promote science diplomacy.


The first stage took place this September in the Spanish Embassy in London. The program encompassed  introductory lectures to the diplomatic and scientific careers and a simulation game where scientists where challenged to discuss and take decisions on different issues arising from a hypothetical hard Brexit scenario. Read more


In the next stage, Irene will shadow Mr José María Fernández López de Turiso in his role as Deputy Head of Mission in the Spanish Embassy in the UK. She will then host Mr José María in our lab to showcase research at The University of Manchester. Visit our website to keep posted on the development of this program!


Images from FECYT


Filipe awarded Young Investigator Award for his oral presentation at Inhaled Particles XII

Graphene NOWNANO CDT student Artur Filipe Rodrigues received first prize for his oral presentation on “Protein coating determines the cellular responses in the abdominal cavity after graphene oxide administration” at Inhaled Particles XII conference. This conference was held in Glasgow, UK on the 25th to 27th September 2017.


Sandra and Filipe both give talks @ ICONAN in Barcelona

Sandra and Filipe attended ICONAN held in Barcelona, Spain on the 25th to 27th September 2017. Sandra gave a presentation on “Lateral Size of Thin Graphene Oxide Sheets as a Critical Factor for Induction of Oxidative-Stress Mediated Cellular Response”. Filipe presented on “Protein coating determines the cellular responses in the abdominal cavity after graphene oxide administration”.


Marilena passes her viva examination

Marilena and her examiner

Congratulations to Marilena for her successful viva voce examination! Marilena already continues her protein corona research in Nanomedicine Lab as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow.


Marilena presents in the final PathChooser Meeting in Dublin

Marilena presents in the final PathChooser Meeting hosted in Dublin, Ireland, on the 28th till 29th of September 2017. Both Marilena and Kostas represented the Nanomedicine Lab and gave one talk each on our work funded by the ITN on the in vivo protein corona onto blood-circulating liposomes.



Cyrill is invited to the Thermo Scientific Seminar Series, Sheffield

Cyrill gave an invited talk on the use of Raman spectroscopy and imaging to study carbon nanomaterials fate and trafficking at the Thermo Scientific Seminar Series at the University of Sheffield, Kroto Institute, Sheffield, UK, 7th Sept, 2017.



Cyrill attends the Chem2DMat conference in Strabourg, France

Cyrill gave a selected talk on the impact of graphene oxide flakes in the peritoneal cavity at the 1st European Conference on Chemistry of Two-Dimensional Materials (Chem2DMat), Strabourg, France 22-26 August, 2017.



Nanomedicine Lab team wins the CRUK Pioneer Award!

Kostas and Marilena in collaboration with Prof. Caroline Dive of the Manchester Cancer Research Centre win one the 2017 CRUK (Cancer Research UK) Pioneer Awards to develop a blood-based ‘nano–test’ for lung cancer early diagnosis.


Nanomedicine Lab at UoM Community Festival

The University held its first Community Festival on 17th June, inviting local residents to come into the University, meet researchers, and to take part in some exciting and informative events. The Nanomedicine lab had a range of interactive table-top activities  to demonstrate “Using Tiny Materials to Treat Diseases”. These activities included microscopes to view cells and 2D printed inks, a circulatory system showing how graphene oxide can be filtered through some organs and trapped by other, and jelly brains for kids to inject to get a feel for the real work undertaken by the Nanomedicine lab.


We had great interaction from visitors, and as we were beside the Graphene CDT stand, we were able to link the creation of our nanomaterials to their possible biological uses very effectively. With more outreach opportunities coming throughout the year, the Nanomedicine lab now has a range of activities we can use to help bring our research to a much wider audience. (Report by Sinead Savage)



Cyrill attends the NT17 Conference in Brazil

The 18th International Conference on the sciences and applications of carbon nanotubes and low dimensional materials was held in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Cyrill gave a keynote lecture on carbon nanomaterial safety at the NT’17 satellite symposium CNBMT17. That was the 8th Symposium on Carbon Nanomaterials Biology, Medicine & Toxicology. His presentation featured his work on the pros and cons of using carbon nanomaterials for biomedical applications in the brain.


Marilena talks at BiosenseDementia 2017

Marilena is invited to talk during the EPSRC funded BiosenseDementia workshop held in Plymouth on the 13th and 14th of June. She gave an oral presentation on our biomarker discovery technologies.



Irene Co-Chairs the Gordon Seminar Series and gives talk at the Gordon Conference on Regenerative Medicine

Irene co-chaired the Gordon Research Seminar in Tissue Repair and Regeneration that took place in Colby-Sawyer College this June. She was also invited as discussion leader in the Epigenetics session during the associated Gordon Research Conference and was elected “Chair of the week”. This is a bi-annual meeting and Irene will be the leading chair of the seminar in 2019.



Kostas closes the academic season at the seminar series of the Langer Lab @ MIT





Sinead graduates from Imperial

Congratulations to Sinead Savage on graduating with a PhD from Imperial College London!


Mariarosa, Dhifaf and Sandra deliver three talks @ CLINAM

Mariarosa, Dhifaf and Sandra showcase the work done in the Nanomedicine Lab each giving a talk during the ’10th European and Global Conference and Exhibition for Clinical Nanomedicine & Targeted Medicine: Witnessing the Solutions and Tackling the Hurdles’  organised by CLINAM, held in Basel, Switzerland in May 2017.




Sinead is ‘Making a Difference’

Sinead participated in the ‘Making a Difference Awards’ lunch for her involvement in advancing public understanding of experimental animal research work. In a project led by the Biological Services Facility at the University, she was one of a number of researchers who openly discussed her work to provide better insight into Parkinson’s disease, and to encourage the open discussion of the use of animals in research. Read more about the project led by the animal unit here.

‘Making a Difference Awards’ recognises and celebrates the achievements of University staff, students, alumni and external partners that make a positive impact on society.


Marilena presents three talks on her work during the 23rd ACS Conference in San Francisco

Marilena attended the 23rd American Chemical Society (ACS) Conference held in San Francisco, California on the 2nd to 6th April 2017. Marilena gave three oral presentations and one poster presentation during an intense and PathChoosing week!


Kostas gives seminar on nanoscale vector systems at the Doudna Lab in Berkeley



Using the CytoSMARTTM system to assess nanosafety-biocompatibility

Cyrill Bussy was recently featured in an article on the Lonza website regarding the use of the CytoSMART TM System to assess nanosafety-biocompatibility. Cyrill used this system to visualise in-vitro cell response to graphene oxide exposure, which helps to assess the impact of graphene derivatives in wound healing. Read more about the article here.


Cyrill and Zahraa present at a Nanosafety Assessment Conference

Cyrill and Zahraa attended the conference ‘New Tools and Approaches for Nanosafety Assessment’. This was held in Malaga, Spain on the 7th – 9th February 2017. Zahraa gave an oral presentation on ‘Size Dependent Internalisation Profile of PEGylated Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes and the Impact of Protein Adsorption’ and also presented a poster ‘Preparation and Characterization of Functionalized Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes’.


Leon, our NOWNANO PhD student, is interviewed about studying graphene in the body

Nearing the end of his PhD, Graphene NOWNANO student, Leon Newman talks about his experience in the doctoral training programme.

More details from the National Graphene Institute website


Chris receives award from IMechE for his studies in Barcelona

Chris has been awarded a Skills Development CPD Award by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) to support part of his costs whilst working with our collaborators at the Institut Catala de Nanociencia i Nanotecnologia in Barcelona. Well done!