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Irene wins the best poster prize awarded by the Biochemical Society

Biochem societyMiss Irene De Lazaro Del Rey won the award for best poster at the Biochemical Society “Biochemical determinants of tissue regeneration” Annual Symposium where she presented a poster and an oral presentation on her work.


Irene presents talk at “Regenerative Medicine – from biology to therapy” conference


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Miss Irene De Lazaro Del Rey presented a talk at the “Regenerative Medicine – from biology to therapy” conference held at the Wellcome Trust – Medical Research Council Cambridge Stem Cell Institute on 30 Oct-1 November 2013 at Hinxton, Cambridge.


Acelya wins Best Young Investigator Award in Turkey

Acelya award photoDr Acelya Yilmazer, our former PhD student and postdoctoral fellow, has been selected as the Best Young Investigator in Turkey. The distinction is awarded by the Medical Biology and Genetics Society in Turkey to successful scientists in the early part of their acedemic career. She was invited to give a talk during the Medical Biology and Genetics Conference held on 27-30 October 2013 based on the work she performed in the Nanomedicine Lab, titled: ”In vivo somatic cell reprogramming within the mouse tissue”. Warm congratulations!


Mariarosa talks at the RSC Faraday Discussion

Faraday Discussion

Dr Mariarosa Mazza presented a talk on ‘Peptide nanofibres as molecular transporters: from self-assembly to in vivo degradation’ at Faraday Discussion 166: Self-Assembly of Biopolymers held on 16-18/09/2013, Bristol, UK.


Irene wins the best poster award at the PhD Research Day 2013

irene_awardMiss Irene De Lazaro Del Rey won the award for the best poster presented on the UCL School of Pharmacy PhD Research Day 2013.


UCL School of Pharmacy PhD Research Day 2013

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The UCL School of Pharmacy PhD Research Day 2013 that took place on Friday 20/09 gave the opportunity to our PhD students Miss Katie Bates, Miss Irene De Lazaro Del Rey and  to present their work to the UCL researchers and staff as well as external visitors.  Miss Bates gave a 15 min talk while Miss De Lazaro Del Rey and Mrs Jasim presented their posters at the School lounge.


Mariarosa lectures at the Nanomedicine Summer School, University of Oxford

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Our post-doctoral associate Dr. Mariarosa Mazza was invited to give a lecture at the “Nanomedicine Summer School 2013”, an intensive training course organized by the University of Oxford.


Katie gives talk at “The European Summit for Clinical Nanomedicine 2013”

Our 3rd year PhD student Katie Bates was invited to give a talk about her work in the “European Summit for Clinical Nanomedicine 2013”, the annual conference of the European Foundation for Clinical Nanomedicine in Basel, Switzerland. Katie will present her PhD project results on the therapeutic potential of nanotubes to Parkinson’s disease.


Cyrill presents at the Euronanoforum 2013

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Our Senior Scientist and Marie Curie Fellow Dr. Cyril Busy was invited to present the results of his Marie Curie IE Fellowship project NANONEUROHOP to the Euronanoforum 2013, a major nanotechnology event organised by the European Commission and several industrial, academic and research partners in Dublin, Ireland.


Reuters photoreporter Suzanne Plunkett shoots the Nanomedicine Lab

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Reuters photo reporter Suzanne Plunkett visited the Nanomedicine Lab for a shoot. She was toured around the lab, discussed with our scientist on their work and was free to photograph materials from all of our projects. Her photos are available from the Reuters archive and are republished by leading news agencies around the world. Take a look of a good selection here!



Global Press Releases on Angewandte Chemie article

UCL (UK), CNRS (France) and Wiley (Germany) all independently publish Press Releases following publication of our article, titled: “Asbestos-like pathogenicity of long carbon nanotubes alleviated by chemical functionalization”. The article appeared in Angewandte Chemie based on work from Hanene, Antonio and Tian. News about the report have been featured in more than 100 blogs and websites within the first 5 days from their release.