Articles | 2016

ACS Nano, 2016, 10 (12), 10753–10767

The effects of extensive glomerular filtration of thin graphene oxide sheets on kidney physiology

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Translating graphene and 2D materials into medicine

PLoS One, 2016, 11(11), e0166816

Detection of endotoxin contamination of graphene-based materials using the TNF-α expression test and guidelines for endotoxin-free graphene oxide production

Materials Today Volume 00,Number 00 November 2016

‘Science in the City’: Bringing nanoscale medicine alive

International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 2016, 514(1):133-141

Engineering thermosensitive liposome-nanoparticle hybrids loaded with doxorubicin for heat-triggered drug release

Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology: Innovation and Production (Wiley-VCH) 2017, in press

The emergence of nanopharmacy: from biology to nanotechnology and drug molecules to nanodrugs

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High-accuracy determination of cytotoxic responses from graphene oxide exposure using imaging flow cytometry

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Thickness of functionalized graphene oxide sheets plays critical role in tissue accumulation and urinary excretion: a pilot PET/CT study

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Purity of graphene oxide determines its antibacterial activity

ACS Nano, 2016, 10(4); 4459-4471

Graphene oxide nanosheets reshape synaptic function in cultured brain networks

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Can carbon nanotubes deliver on their promise in biology? Harnessing unique properties for unparalleled applications

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Time-evolution of in vivo protein corona onto blood-circulating PEGylated liposomal doxorubicin (DOXIL) nanoparticles

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Radiolabelling, whole-body SPECT/CT imaging and pharmacokinetics of carbon nanohorns

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Chemical components for the design of temperature-responsive vesicles as cancer therapeutics

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Molecular and genomic impact of large and small lateral dimension graphene oxide sheets on human immune cells from healthy donors

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Biomedical uses for 2D materials beyond graphene: current advances and challenges ahead

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Synthesis of few-layered, high-purity graphene oxide sheets from different graphite sources for biology

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Kinetics of functionalised carbon nanotube distribution in mouse brain after systemic injection: Spatial to ultra-structural analyses

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Different chemical strategies to aminate oxidised multi-walled carbon nanotubes for siRNA complexation and delivery

Nanoscale, 2016,8: 590-601

Intracellular degradation of chemically functionalized carbon nanotubes using a long-term primary microglial culture model

Stem Cell Reviews and Reports, 2016, 12(1): 129-139

Engineering cell fate for tissue regeneration by in vivo transdifferentiation