Articles | 1995 – 1999

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Physical conjugation of (Tri-) block copolymers to liposomes toward the construction of sterically stabilized vesicle systems

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Liposomes as carriers of radionuclides: from imaging to therapy

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Liposome-mediated delivery of radionuclides to tumor models for cancer radiotherapy:a quantitative analysis

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Molecular structure and conformation in phospholipid vesicles sterically stabilized by (tri)-block copolymers investigated by multi-nuclear magnetic resonance techniques

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Steric stabilization of phospholipid vesicles by block copolymers – Vesicle flocculation and osmotic swelling caused by monovalent and divalent cations

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Preparation of narrow size distribution silica particles using microemulsions

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Engineering stealth liposome surfaces: exercises in colloid chemistry principles

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Addition of (tri-)block copolymers to phospholipid vesicles: a study of the molecular morphology and structure by using hydrophobic dye molecules as bilayer probes.

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The effect of monovalent and divalent cations on sterically stabilized phospholipid vesicles (liposomes)

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The use of hydrophobic dye molecules in monitoring the liposome bilayer microenvironment and locating block copolymers added to enhance liposome steric stability

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Effect of the addition of block copolymers on the formation and stability of vesicles (liposomes) prepared using soybean lecithin

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Addition of block copolymers to liposomes prepared using soybean lecithin. Effects on formation, stability and the specific localization of the incorporated surfactants investigated.